ADC technology

We use biochemical innovation to design and generate superior ADCs. Our genetic code expansion technology allows to engineer conjugation sites anywhere in the antibody with genetic precision. These sites can then be conjugated with our proprietary payloads via our highly efficient click chemistry. This process yields highly efficacious, uniform and safe ADCs while reducing production steps, time and costs.

Positional intelligence

The positioning of the payload on the antibody can have a profound influence on efficacy and pharmacokinetics of the ADC. Our genetic code expansion technology gives full freedom to specify conjugation sites on a genetic level. Using a proprietary expression system, we incorporate our clickable amino acid for efficient production of highly uniform, ready-to-conjugate antibodies.

Bioorthogonal click chemistry

Our proprietary click chemistry enables efficient and stable conjugation of our payloads to antibodies yielding homogeneous ADCs. The hydrophilic nature of our bioconjugation further improves ADC efficacy and pharmacokinetics.

Proprietary payload technology

Our proprietary payloads are functionalized with a charged click moiety, facilitating manufacturing, and further improving on PK and safety profile of our ADCs. VERAXA's hydrophilic tetrazine payloads allow for modular tailoring towards indications with a variety of active catabolites.

Translating biochemical innovations to superior ADCs

Our proprietary ADC technology can transform the biochemical properties of ADCs early in the discovery process. VERAXA creates homogeneous, stable bioconjugates with a defined drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) using innovation that markedly enhances therapeutic windows and pharmacokinetics in a directed and predictable manner.

Evolution of cancer therapies towards potent target specific-drugs

Therapeutic strength
Off target effects

ADCs improve the therapeutic window by combining cytotoxic drugs with antibody targeting

Our capabilities

Efficient click chemistry
Free choice of conjugation site
Stable conjugation (C-C bonds)

Functional antibody screening

Our proprietary microfluidic platform combines single-cell analysis with droplet-based microfluidic sorting to identify functional antibodies against a broad spectrum of targets.

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