Building a robust pipeline to fight cancer

Our goal is to establish a sustainable clinical pipeline of novel and differentiated oncology programs geared towards achieving superior efficacy while minimizing the burden of side effects for patients. ADCs will continue to be the main pillar of VERAXA’s pipeline strategy. At the same time, our expertise and capabilities can be applied to other formats, and we aim to explore emerging synergies between existing and novel antibody modalities. With our expertise and capabilities, we develop novel antibody-based drug modalities for the treatment of cancer.

Current ADC and mAb developments

Phase I
Phase II
VX-A901 (mAb)
Hematological cancers
VX-A101 (ADC)
Solid tumors
VX-A001 (ADC)
Solid tumors
VX-A201 (ADC)
Lung cancer
VX-A301 (ADC)
Solid tumors, others
VX-A401 (ADC)
VX-A601 (mAb)
Immune modulation

VX-A901 - A novel therapeutic option for elderly AML patients

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is an aggressive cancer that mainly affects the elderly. Despite improvements, younger and fitter patients still tend to benefit more than older and less fit individuals. Treatment options for elderly patients and those who are not fit for intensive chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation are limited. The need for better therapies for older and unfit patients is growing.

FLT-3 is overexpressed in the majority of AML blasts

  • VX-A901 binds to primary blasts irrespective of mutation in FLT3

  • Optimized Fc-part induces ADCC via strong binding to NK cells

Distinct and complementary Mode of Action

  • VX-A901 can be combined with the first line of therapy

  • No ADCC effect on FLT-low expressing healthy bone marrow-derived HSPCs

Promising phase-1 clinical trial results

  • VX-A901 is safe and well tolerated in AML patients

  • Promising signs of monotherapy efficacy even in heavily pre-treated patients

Your partner from target to antibody to ADC

Our unique antibody screening platform and proprietary ADC technology enable us to create highly innovative targeted biotherapeutics.VERAXA has a proprietary pipeline and has also partnered with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies to accelerate the development of superior ADCs and functional mAbs.We are open to strategic partnership that support our core strategy and increase the value of a growing drug pipeline.

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We are your partner from target to antibody to ADC. Our unique antibody screening platform and proprietary ADC technology enable us to help you create the best targeted biotherapeutics for your application.

With partnership models tailored to your needs, we can join you at any step of your development journey, whether you are starting out with a target or are looking for a bioconjugation partner.

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