With our transformative technologies for antibody discovery and bioconjugation, we have established a rich pipeline of proprietary ADCs. Under various licensing and partnering agreements, we are collaborating with a number of partners to provide access to our unique research & development capabilities going from target to antibody to ADC.

Current ADC and mAb developments

Phase I
Phase II
VX-A901 (mAb)
Hematological cancers
For partnering
VX-A101 (ADC)
Target 1
Solid tumors
For partnering
VX-A001 (ADC)
Target 2
Solid tumors
For partnering
VX-A201 (ADC)
Target 3
Lung cancer
For partnering
VX-A301 (ADC)
Target 4
Solid tumors, others
For partnering
VX-A401 (ADC)
Target 5
For partnering
VX-A601 (mAb)
Immune modulation
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Leveraging innovative technologies to transform targeted oncology

Unique high-throughput screening for function and internalization


Droplet-based microfluidic technology platform


Antibody binding & function in one single screening step

Proprietary ADC technology with bioorthogonal click-chemistry


Fast click chemistry


Covalent C-C bonds between payload and antibody

Proprietary genetic code expansion technology

Improved therapeutic index

Optimized biochemical properties


Payload position set at the genetic code level for precise DAR

Your partner from target to antibody to ADC

Our unique antibody screening platform and proprietary ADC technology enable us to create highly innovative targeted biotherapeutics.VERAXA has a proprietary pipeline and has also partnered with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies to accelerate the development of superior ADCs and functional mAbs.We are open to strategic partnership that support our core strategy and increase the value of a growing drug pipeline.

Companies we've worked with:

If you are interested in partnering with us

We are your partner from target to antibody to ADC. Our unique antibody screening platform and proprietary ADC technology enable us to help you create the best targeted biotherapeutics for your application.

With partnership models tailored to your needs, we can join you at any step of your development journey, whether you are starting out with a target or are looking for a bioconjugation partner.

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