Functional antibody screening

High-throughput droplet-based microfluidics

Our proprietary microfluidic platform combines single-cell analysis with droplet-based microfluidic sorting to identify functional antibodies against a broad spectrum of targets.

Our high-throughput workflow allows to analyze entire immune repertoires by multi-parametric functional micro assays to quickly identify and isolate antibodies that internalize or modulate receptor activity.

Our screening process can identify antibodies with three different characteristics:
Binding and function:
agonistic receptor modulation       
Binding and function:    
antagonistic receptor modulation     
Binding and function:
antibody internalization
Antibody-secreting cell (ASC) and secondary antibody

Droplets with an antibody-secreting cell are fused with droplets containing a reporter cell that expresses the target receptor.

Receptor Modulation
Antibody internalization
No function
No Binding
No Function

Antibody binding to the reporter cell and functional response of the receptor cell can be detected in a single step based on a fluorescence high-throughput read-out. 

Single droplet sorting

Droplets are sorted and transferred to single cell sequencing. 

Our capabilities

Flexible assay design
Screening for binding and antibody internalization, agonistic and antagonistic receptor modulation
Scalable and transferable to a diverse set of targets
Single-Cell recovery, sequencing, and profiling

We find the right antibody with the highest performance, speed, robustness, and efficiency.

Target Selectivity

ADCs need to bind the tumor cells very specifically with little off-target binding / effects.


ADCs then have to be internalized into the target cell very efficiently.

Within the target cells, ADCs need to be degraded in order to set the toxin free to yield the desired therapeutic effect.

ADC technology

Our bioengineering technology allows to position specific conjugation sites anywhere in the antibody. Our highly efficient click chemistry is then used to conjugate our payloads at these sites yielding efficacious, uniform and safe ADCs.

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