Our approach

Developing safe and efficacious ADCs requires:

  • Technology to identify the right antibody
  • Bioengineering to position the payloads onto the mAb  
  • Potent click chemistry for efficient, uniform and stable conjugation

VERAXA is the only company with an integrated approach that combines functional antibody screening with bioconjugation technology. We harvest our suite of innovative technologies to develop novel ADCs with a wide therapeutic window and favorable pharmacokinetics. We solve the central challenges of antibody screening and ADC development.

Functional antibody screening

Our droplet-based microfluidics technology allows to harvest the entire immune repertoire to identify internalizing antibodies for ADCs even against challenging targets.

Further applications include the identification of receptor modulating antibodies.

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Positional intelligence

Our genetic code expansion technology delivers ultimate precision and flexibility for payload positioning while being minimally invasive and highly efficient.

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Bioorthogonal click chemistry

Our highly reactive click group yields uniform ADCs with outstanding stability under bio-compatible conditions while minimizing excess payload.

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